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HeartShape helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.*

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Sylvan HeartShape Red Yeast Rice Box

HeartShape® Red Yeast Rice is the ALL-NATURAL alternative for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.*

Why Choose HeartShape?

Sylvan HeartShape
Michael D.

I'm 72 and have NO cholesterol prescriptions or problems - thanks in part to HeartShape. I watch my diet and exercise and take 2 HeartShape Red Yeast Rice tablets per day rain or shine. So far, my cholesterol stays below 200 with HDL and LDL both at desirable medical levels. After my annual check up, the doc was very pleased.

– Michael D.
Eileen S.

I have been taking red rice yeast for 5+ years. My cholesterol levels have always been in the healthy range thanks to your product. The best part is not needing monthly liver enzyme checks. Thank you for making a life saving and safe product.

– Eileen S.
Susan E.

I began using Red Yeast Rice from HeartShape after reading about a research study done on cholesterol. The researcher said he used the HeartShape Red Yeast Rice because of its purity! I have used it now for at least 3 years and my cholesterol profile is well-controlled.

– Susan E.
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